A detailed review about Ice Hockey sport

Ice Hockey sport

Ice hockey is actually a team sport played on ice probably in the rink in which the skaters in the two different teams use their sticks to shoot the vulcanized rubber puck into the net of their opponents to score the points. This particular sport is also known to be the fast paced and also a physical game with the two or more teams. In every team to play ice hockey, there should be 6 players in which 5 players are involving in skating and one player is a goal tender.

Basics of ice hockey:

This sport ice hockey is really very famous in Canada, The Nordic Countries, eastern and central Europe, United States and also Russia. It is also considered to be the official national winter sport of the Canada country. Additionally, it is also a very famous winter sport in several other countries such as Russia, Croatia, Belarus, Finland, Czech, Sweden, Switzerland, Republic and more. Whenever you want to see the highest level of the men’s ice hockey sport, it has only been conducted only by NHL (North America’s National Hockey League).

There is also the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) which is the formal governing body for the international ice hockey. It is conducting and managing the huge numbers of the international ice hockey tournaments and also maintaining the IIHF World Ranking in 76 various countries. When it comes to the international ice hockey competition, it has been conducted between the teams of 6 countries such as United States, Czech Republic, Canada, Russia, Finland and Sweden. In every Olympics, ice hockey is a definitely competition to be done and there are 69 medals awarded for it all times.

Ice Hockey sport review

Game play of Ice Hockey:

  • When it comes to the ice hockey game play, all the players should need to have the rink and equipment.
  • Most probably, it is played using the standard size rink that is shaped like the round cornered rectangle along with the 26 meters or 85 feet wide and 61 meters or 200 feet long.
  • The rinks which are used for the international ice hockey games are usually 85 to 98 feet wide and 184 to 200 feet long.
  • The goal cage is about 1.2 meter or 4 feet high and 1.8 meter or 6 feet wide.

Any shot from the player can completely clear the goal line because there is 5 cm or 2 inch wide stripe on the ice across the front portion of the cage in order to get the goal. For the successful game play, each and every player should need to have all equipment virtually to get more goals for your team. Such virtual equipments are equal for all amateurs, professional ice hockey players and also children. Before starting your game play, you should need to ensure that whether your hockey sticks are made up of the wooden material but it is also made from the different materials. You should need to understand and follow the ice hockey sport rules to easily win the game.

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