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Malaysia is the 67th largest nation in the world and become the independent state in 1957. You would be pleasantly surprised at the warmth Malaysians. The capital of the Malaysia is KUALA LUMPUR and it is a political centre of the Malaysia. It is located in the continent of Asia and covers 328,657 square kilometers of land, 1190 square kilometers of water and the total area of the Malaysia is 329,847 square kilometers. The currency of the Malaysia is Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) and so they called as Malaysians. A biometric smart chip identity card, which must be carried by citizens of Malaysia at all times.


The population of the Malaysia peoples is 62% of Bumiputeras which includes Malays and indigenous peoples, 24% Chinese, 8% Indians and rest are other minorities. The population of the Malaysians is 29,179,952 in 2012.

 Entry formalities:

Tourists must have the valid passport and travel documents with the minimum validity of six months beyond the period of intended stay. The national passport is not permitted in the Malaysia and every people from the other country should ensure the national passport to re-entry into the country. A passport and travel document is necessary for travel the between Sabal and Sarawak. Malaysia does not require a visa for a social and business visit not exceeding one week.


Famous places:

The places to go in the Malaysia by the attractions places, beaches, eco adventures, highlands, historical, hot springs, landmarks, national parks, shopping, souvenir, theme parks, performances, waterfalls etc. 

  • Rafflesia is a genus of flowering plants and it is made up of 16 known species. Best species is Rafflesia Amoldii and it is located in Sarawak. Sarawak is a little different from citizenship in peninsular Malaysia for the immigration purposes. It is the world’s largest flower and has a diameter of 3 feet.
  • Perhentian Dream is the stunning islands in the Malaysia which is actually consist of large island and a little island and offers fantastic scuba diving and snorkeling facilities. It is very famous because laid back atmosphere and there is luxurious resorts, hotels, and many more attractive places.
  • Travelers who make their way to Batucaves near Kuala Lumpur will be rewarded with some pretty awesome Hindu art. They attract thousands of worshipper’s at Thaipusam, an annual Hindu festival.
  • Lake Kenyir is a true paradise and beautiful lake which is located in the state of Terengganu in the northeast Malaysia and also it is the largest manmade lake in Southeast Asia. The lake borders the wildlife part Taman Negara to the west. In and around Lake Kenyir you will find hundreds of small islands, stunning waterfalls and amazing caves.


  • Your dollars, pounds or Euros can convert easily in Malaysia.
  • Kuala Lumpur is the cheapest city in the world.
  • Everybody’s rushing to come to Malaysia and just they speak English fluency.
  • Close to nearby travel hotspots and just simply shopper’s paradise.
  • An abundant list of activities can be done over there.

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