Importance of exercise in your daily routine

exercise in your daily routine

Everyone in this world, wish to lead a healthy life and  some will do so, but some will struggle due to several obstacles such as obesity, addicted towards Jung foods or fast foods and due to modernized culture. If you want to be healthy then physical activity or exercise should a part of your daily routine and it also helps you to be fit and reduces the risk of getting diseases like diabetes, cancer and cardiac diseases or heart stroke. To the most regular exercising activity improve the quality of life, regular exercising in sense it does not meant to exercise whole day its more than enough if you do for 30 minutes per day.

Benefits of regular physical activity

If you have regular habit of doing exercise then you may enjoy benefits such as which are listed below

  • It reduces the chances of heart stroke.
  • It helps to manage your weight and make you to be fit.
  • If you are fit then your blood cholesterol level will be maintained low.
  • It helps to get rid from diabetes and cancers.
  • You can maintain your blood pressure in normal by exercising daily.
  • You can build your body with strong bones, stronger muscles and with strong joints the chances of osteoporosis is less.
  • If you are in bed rest or hospitalization you can easily recover by doing exercise.
  • More over you can feel better while doing exercise the energy level will be more, you will feel good, you will be relaxed more and get better sleep.
  • Exercise helps you to get out depression.

Exercise helps get rid of depression:

Exercise not only helps to keep your body fit but also it helps you to get out of depression. There are several ways to get out from depression like meditation, yoga, dancing and exercise here are some benefits listed below

  • By doing exercise you can block negative thoughts or distract yourself from daily worries.
  • When you exercise with others it helps you to increase your social contact.
  • If you are fit it makes your mood good and waves positivity around you in turn it also changes your sleeping pattern.
  • Chemical in your brain such as serotonin, stress hormone and endorphins change their level due to exercise.

Stay Fit

All the above said tips are used to keep your body healthy at the same time fit. If you want to maintain your body healthy for lifelong then why are you waiting? Make a habit of doing 30 minutes moderate physical activity it may be skipping, cycling, walking, jogging or it may be any workouts do anyone of these as a daily routine to keep you energetic both in mind as well as in body. You may think how it is possible to do work outs in your daily routine continuously that too when you are in hectic work there is no need schedule separate time for exercise it can be done in your daily work with some changes. If you are using car or personal vehicle try to use local trains, buses or cycle do go it is sort of exercise.

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