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Second child dies in US custody at border

Second child dies in US custody at border

Recently, the immigration authorities of United States announced that an 8 year old boy from Guatemala has died in the US government custody. The congressman of Texas named a kid as Felipe Alonzo Gomez.

It is the second immigrant child dies in the US custody at the US-Mexico border this month. When considering the previous instance, 7 year old Jakelin Caal died just hours after taken into the custody and they are also from the Guatemala.

The congressman of Texas who is Joaquin Castro called for the congressional investigation into the death of this body. He also told that everyone should ensure that you treat migrants and also asylum seekers with only the human dignity and must also give the necessary amount of medical care to anyone in the US government custody.

The policy administration of the turning persons away from the legal ports of the US entry otherwise it is known as metering and it is putting children and other family members in a very big dangerous position.

Thousands of migrant people have gone from Central region of American to the US border and they say that they are fleeing harassment, violence and also poverty in their home countries of Guatemala, EI Salvador and Honduras.

Many of them also told that their main aim is to settle in the United States regardless of the warnings b the officials from American which anyone found entering the nation illegally will face prosecution, arrest and also deportation.

What happened in this recent case?

The 8 year old boy died shortly after the midnight on the world’s famous and celebrating Christmas day on December 25, 2018. This latest news has been confirmed by the US Customs & Border Protection force.

According to the statement of the agency on Monday, there are also the signs of the potential illness in that 8 year old baby.

It also reported that this boy and his father were taken to the hospital located in Alamogordo, New Mexico. During the first aid treatment in this hospital, the boy was diagnosed with the cold & fever and the doctors have given the prescriptions for ibuprofen and amoxicillin. This news was released in the Monday afternoon.

Monday evening, he also returned to the hospital after he started vomiting and died within a few hours. Based on the statement of agency, the cause of this boy’s death had not actually been determined.

When Jakelin Caal in the US government custody, she developed the high fever and died of the liver failure after some days. Previously, she had only the higher fever and his father took her to the hospital. During the initial check up, she had a body temperature of 105.7 degree F or 40.9 degree Celsius.

After all legal formalities, the authorities would hand over her body to the family members and returned to Guatemala this week. There, her father has made an arrangement for her funeral which took place in her San Antonio Secortez village on Tuesday.

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