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The solar car is a new invention in the automobile industry, the solar car is nothing but an electric car that uses the solar energy and this energy is gained from the solar panels called as the photovoltaic and this panel is placed on the upper surface of the car vehicle. This photovoltaic can be connected to a 48 volt battery charge and this converts the sunlight energy directly into the electricity form and this power is given to the vehicle. The solar cars does not come under the general car categories that you see every day on the road, rather this type of car are mainly used for engineering purpose, racing or for display and manufacturing these kinds of car projects is usually funded by the government. The technology used in these solar powered car technologies is same as like those technology used for the satellites in international space stations and where this technology is also found in the automotives and bicycle.

The development of this solar car vehicle is very limited one, because its power source is batteries and it takes the sun energy for functioning in which this special vehicle found to be ineffective during the night time. But most of these solar cars are mainly used for the racing competitions rather for the personal or individual riding. The most important part of this vehicle is that its electrical system because this electrical system controls all incoming and outgoing power. The battery packs for these car functions completely as like the petrol tank that stores the power for the future use the following are some of the battery types that are used in solar cars. They are.

  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Lead acid batteries
  • Nickel cadmium car batteries
  • Lithium polymer batteries
  • Nickel-metal hydride batteries

The main reason of the solar car development and design is to minimize the weight and friction while at the same time it increases the strength. Usually these types of the cars are composed of the titanium metal and this composite maintain the discrepancy in the vehicle.

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Advantages of the solar car vehicle

The solar car vehicle contains a unique design that makes it very unconventional one, but it is not really suitable one on the public roads. One of the major benefits of using the solar powered cars is that they work silently and does not produce any noise pollution. The solar car is very beneficial one where you no need to spend your money on filling the fuel tank of your vehicle because this vehicle uses the solar energy directly from the sun with the help of the solar panels fixed on the top surface of the vehicle.

The only thing which the user needs to spend the amount in the vehicle is for buying the solar panels where these solar panels don’t come very cheap. Solar powered car is gasoline independent one and thus it will suitable for your budget and as well as with the environment friendly because it does not exhibits any harmful pollutants in to the environment.


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