World’s attractive waterfall in Croatia

plitvice lakes

In this world, most of the people wish to enjoy the natural atmosphere which makes them to choose vacation place with natural beauty. The people who are natural lover will not miss out waterfalls and parks to such lovers the great place to visit is plitvice lakes national park, Croatia. It is one of the most attracted places in the world which is located halfway between Zagreb and zadar on the coast in Croatia.

The beauty of plitvice lakes national park is it lays in sixteen lakes which is inter connected by several waterfall and it has populated woodland famous for deer, bears, wolves, rare birds and rare species. The national park covers about 300 square kilometers as total the waterfall and join over eight kilometer distance.

There are some differences in altitude the highest point of altitude is 1280 m and the lowest level is 380m. The difference between the lakes is about 135 meters.

How to get to plitvice lakes national park:

There are totally two entrances to reach out the plitvice lake national park

  • If you wish to go through entrance 1 you can see all the underneath of the lake there are wooden path made to reach the lake and to the water fall.
  • If you are not able to walk for long distance then it is better to go through entrance 2 here you can explore yourself in travelling by train or by an electric boat.
  • The train is available to pick up and drop person on the coast of lake.
  • There are several electric boats available you can take any one to reach plitvice lake and to the waterfall.
  • If you are driving car to the park then there are parking available at both entrance.
  • If you wish have public transport then you can get only at specific time.
  • There is option to arrange private buses for excursion purpose.

Visiting time of park:

The park open every day in the year, only the opening hour’s changes based on the season. In summer parks open for long time from 7 A.M to 8 P.M but in winter it open only till evening. The entrance 1 is for lower lake which is opened almost every day and entrance 2 is for higher lake which is closed in November month at the time of winter season.

Entry fee:

You have to pay entrance fees also which is used for park maintenance works, the entry fee changes based on season. For month of January to March you will be charged 55 Kuna, from November and December month you will be charged 150 Kuna and from April to October month you will be charged 250 Kuna. The children aged from 7 to 18 would have discount and can have cheaper tickets, the kids below seven have free pass. There are discounts available for excursion too if more than 15 students or adults visit the discounts will be given in percentage basis.

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